The Bijou is the name given to the airship piloted by Hailey Turner.


Hailey arrived in the Bijou to transport Eva and Rovender to the the city of New Attica safely. The airship was later stored in a refueling station among other numerous New Attican airships. The gang later infiltrated the station and made a getaway on the Bijou. During the travel, a larger airship attacked the Bijou, which, despite Huxley's efforts to stop it, managed to eventually bring the ship down, which resulted in its wreckage.

Later while travelling on the border between the salt flats and the Wandering Forest, Eva found the wreckage of the Bijou, punctured and disemboweled. Amidst the wreckage, was a battered Hailey Turner, who had survived the crash. The two continued their way on a wandering tree.

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